It has taken me a long time to come to this conclusion, but I finally see what is needed. We must become once again a warrior race, something many of us haven’t in generations.

And why can’t you? Because you never went to basic training? Nobody gave you a badge or a uniform? That is very much beside the point. The idea of a professional army is relatively new in the West, at least when it comes to large numbers.

Take for instance, our own history as Americans. We have only used what we think of as a professional Army since about 1950. Everything before that was largely fought by minimally trained new guys after the crisis began. Even our much vaunted successes in WW1 and WW2 were mostly handed to us by men with a few months of less than spectacular training. At one point in WW2 Marine Corps recruits were training on broomsticks painted black, in leu of rifles. And the US Army, at the beginning of WW1, was a little over 100,000 deep. It would suffer almost that many dead in its 18 months of the war.

How, exactly, have we done since we switched to a full time, professional military? 0-4 by my count.

For thousands of years, with some exceptions, the skills of a warrior were handed down from father to son. Not from a professional force that one joined in exchange for training and coin. Even here, in North America, a huge percentage of our greatest warriors prior to this century were rank amateurs. Almost all of the legendary Indian fighters were irregulars. The Swamp Fox, Francis Marion, was a prior militia member, but far from a career military man. John Mosby, the Grey Ghost, never served a day in his life before the Civil War broke out. John Coffee Hays was appointed a Texas Ranger at 19, fresh from the farm in Tennessee.

Why must we do this? There are a lot of reasons, but chief among them is what I foresee as a coming need for common defense. This isn’t to march on your state capital or overthrow anything. It’s simply because the Empire is crumbling, and you can no longer rely on the protection racket you are accustomed to paying. If you happen to live south of Interstate 10, you already know what we are referring to. For everyone else, the idea of cartel style violence and large scale organized banditry is not as far-fetched as it sounded a few years back.

Not to mention that you, Joe Normie, are just about the last one left that hasn’t gotten the memo. Are street gangs, in a way, not the warrior caste of some inner-city cultures? Are bikers, however tactically incompetent, not in some ways marauding war bands? Antifa is a lot of things, but disorganized is not one of them. The war on police since 2008 hasn’t been an accident, and it has left some gaping holes in what recently was your own enforcers. That has only accelerated since 2020, not to mention they now largely belong to a regime hostile to you. Cartel style violence from south of the border is the protype for what happens after state authority evaporates. If you think it can’t happen here, you are in for a world of pain.

It is long past time we put down the remote control and facebook, got up off our collective asses, and faced the facts. No one is coming to save you. There are factions at work that want to see you exterminated. Given what they have done to ensure famine, poverty, and destruction of supply chains, you had better get it together. War is coming.  

How? One step at a time. Like our frontiersmen grandfathers, between the other time constraints in our lives. Like Germanic barbarians, while also tending the farm. The first step, which you can take right now, is to decide to. You can choose to walk the path, and learn the skills. Or you can choose to be a victim in what comes next.

This is a land of wolves now. Choose to be a wolf.

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Nettie · January 12, 2023 at 2:17 am

I like it. I’m just hoping we’re not too late.

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